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As a part of our continued effort to bring together scholars from all disciplines, and in response to the call set forth by Bold Aspirations, The Commons presents the Research Sharing Sessions--a series designed specifically for research exchange. The format of these sessions is inspired by Pecha Kucha, which features short, slide-based talks that introduce audiences to an idea.

The goals of these sessions are:

- To introduce KU Researchers to the work of their colleagues
- To address questions within current research using the perspectives of many disciplines
- To develop collaborative research teams as a result of overlapping interest & expertise

We invite all KU Researchers to join the conversation.


Network Science
Exploring the computational tools used by James Sterbenz to study the network formed by the national electrical grid to determine whether these tools could be used in other areas and focus on problems in different domains that have a common underlying cause. Current collaborators: John Symons, Philosophy; James Sterbenz, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science; and Michael Vitevitch, Psychology (Contact Michael Vitevitch to join the discussion:

Smart Cities
Interdisciplinary group to discuss research interests, exchange information, and plan funding proposals for smart cities. Smart cities weave ICT (information and communications technology) into the socioeconomic fabric and city critical infrastructure including data communication, transportation, and the smart grid, in the form of sensors, actuators, processing, and storage. The goal is to improve the quality of life of citizens while providing sustainability, resilience, and energy-efficiency. Coordinator: James P.G. Sterbenz, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (Contact to join the discussion)


4pm Friday, August 31 | The Commons
4pm Friday, September 21 | Location TBD
4pm Friday, October 26 | The Commons
4pm Friday, November 16 | The Commons


4pm Friday, October 5 | The Commons
4pm Friday, November 9 | The Commons


April 27, 2018: Science & Fiction
Ben Merriman, School of Public Affairs & Administration, Fiction, Science Fiction, and Social Theory
Alison Olcott Marshall, Geology, Chemistry, Astrobiology, Paleontology, Life
Oscar Sanisidro, Biodiversity Institute, Fossil Reconstruction, Compared Anatomy, Shape Study
Jude Kastens, Kansas Biological Survey, Terrestrial Eco-rhythms in the Anthropocene
Brandon DeKosky, Chemical Engineering & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, New Technologies for HIV Vaccine Development
Joey Orr, Spencer Museum of Art

April 6, 2018: Fear & Response
Stacey Vanderhurst, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Human Trafficking, Migration, Empowerment
Paula Fite, Clinical Child Psychology Program, Aggression and Translational Research
Craig McLaughlin, Aerospace Engineering, Space Surveillance and Satellite Drag
Shawn Alexander, African & African-American Studies, Klan Violence and the Black Community’s Response
Ward Lyles, Urban Planning, Compassion, Networks, Climate Change, and Natural Hazards
Emcee: Sarah Bishop, Hall Center for the Humanities

March 30, 2018: Graduate Research - Shifting Perspectives
Jéssica Dutra, Economics, Common Ownership Antitrust
Abigail Barefoot, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Occupy's Respectable & Homeless Protesters
Ashley Offill, Art History, Ephemeral Events and Archival Research
Aleah Henderson, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Methods, Genetics and Flowering Time
Leigh Kaulbach, Visual Art, Art and Friendship
Emcee: Aron Muci, Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies

March 2, 2018: People, Land, Power
Norman Akers, Visual Art, Borders, Maps, Sovereignty
Janice Collins, Journalism, Empowerment, Demarginalization, Critical Pedagogy, Storytelling
Dennis O'Rourke, Anthropology, Ancient DNA, Refugia, Last Glacial Maximum, American Dispersal
Helen Alexander, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Rare Plants, Conservation, Vegetation Change
Emcee: Jon Lamb, English

February 23, 2018: Graduate Research - Alternative Framing
Anna Klompen, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Diversity of Jellyfish Venoms
Igor Ristić, Communication Studies, Experiencing Culture Shock? Watch TV
Nicholas Natchoo, Curriculum and Teaching, Creolizing the Curriculum
Brian Trump, History, Narratives of Sexual Violence
Alysha Griffin, Theatre, Richard B. Harrison Before Broadway
Emcee: An Sasala, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies

February 9, 2018: Representation/Participation
Genelle Belmas, Journalism, First Amendment, Free Speech, American Flag
Tanya Hartman, Visual Art, Refugee, Fluency, Empathy, Courage
Dave Tell, Communication Studies, Race, Commemoration, and the Digital Humanities
Kimber Richter, Preventive Medicine & Public Health, Health Care Policy, Behavior Economics, Defaults and Consumer Behavior
Maria Orive, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Change, Clonal Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction, Evolution and Extinction
Emcee: Emily Ryan, The Commons

December 1, 2017: Community Interaction & Collaboration
Ben Sikes, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Kansas Biological Survey, Perennial Agriculture, Microbiomes
Richard Barohn, Neurology, Pain from Nerve Damage: Neuropathy, Comparative Effectiveness Research
Jane Zhao, Business, Knowledge Sharing Community, Social Media
Ann Ryan, Monarch Watch, Conservation, Education, Building Capacity
Jon Lamb, English

November 17, 2017: Graduate Research
Haifa Alhadyian, Molecular Biosciences, Model Organisms in Biomedical Research
Nicholas Feroce, Linguistics, Pronouns and Neurons
Javier Torres, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Herpetological Research in Cuba
Pegah Naemi, Psychology, Trumping the Facts
Anthony Boynton, English, Racism & Afrofuturism
Christina Lord, French & Italian

October 27, 2017: Aging & Aging Populations
Terry Koenig, Social Welfare, Hoarding, Older Adults, Nonvoluntary Clients, Political Approach
David Ekerdt, Sociology, Possessions, Life Course, Identity
Darlingtina Atakere, Social Psychology/Gerontology, Elder Care, Eurocentric Modernism, Relationality
Hui Cai, Architecture, Senior Housing, Cross-Cultural, Cross-Generational
Kristi Williams, School of Nursing, Supporting Caregivers with Technology
Tamara Baker, Psychology

September 29, 2017: Ecologies & Land
Dan Hirmas, Geography & Atmospheric Science, Climate Change, Soil Hydrology, Critical Zone science
Bob Hagen, Environmental Studies/Kansas Biological Survey, Outdoor Campus Classroom and Laboratory
Sara Gregg, History/Environmental Studies, Narrating Landscape, Great Plains Ecology, Keystone Species
Sharon Billings, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Kansas Biological Survey, Roots, Microbes, and The Anthropocene
Jay Johnson, Geography & Atmospheric Science; Soren Larsen, Geography (U. of Missouri), Wakarusa Wetlands, Agency of Place, Co-existence
Joey Orr, Spencer Museum of Art

September 22, 2017: Graduate Research
Sam Henkin, Geography & Atmospheric Science, Non-lethality in use of force
Sierra Watt, Political Science, Indigenous Feminism(s) & Tribal Governments
José Héctor Cadena, American Studies, Contesting Popular Films
Alyson Wilkins, Museum Studies, Art & Science in Museums
M. Polo Camacho, Philosophy, Dogma of Acquired Traits
Roseann Pluretti, Journalism and Mass Communications

September 8, 2017: Adaptation & Decision
Chris Crandall, Psychology, Farmers, Decision-making, Forecasting, Socialpsychology
Yvonnes Chen, Journalism, Cognitive Neuroscience
Kim Kimminau, Family Medicine, Patient Engagement, Team Science, Researcher Privilege
Town Peterson, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute, Biodiversity and Rephotography
Dietrich Earnhart, Economics, Environmental Protection, Inspections, Compliance, Tournament
Kate Meyer, Spencer Museum of Art

April 21, 2017: The Future University
Joo Ok Kim, American Studies, Classified
Joey Orr, Spencer Museum of Art, Post-Studio to Public Practice
Michael Compitello, Music, Theatrical Percussion, Music Performance
Doug Ward, Journalism/CTE, Future of Teaching, Documenting Teaching, Future of Higher Education
Amber Rowland, Center for Research on Learning, Developing Good Citizens through Gaming, Social Media and Virtual Reality
Jon Lamb, English

March 31, 2017: Environment & Future
Michael Krueger, Visual Art, Picturing the Land, Recent Paintings and Drawings
Bradley Lane, Public Affairs & Administration, Smart, Connected, Shared Mobility
Mike Sinclair, Design, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the Thrills of Common Ground
James Blakemore, Chemistry, Sustainability Enabled by New Chemistry.
Ali Brox, Environmental Studies Program, Climate Change, Magical Realism, Representation, Environmental Justice
Kate Meyer, Spencer Museum of Art

March 3, 2017: Graduate Research
Danny Caine, English, Poetry of the (Sub)urban Landscape
Laurel Sears, Urban Planning/Geography & Atmospheric Science, Participatory Research & Photovoice
Kamuran Osmanoglu, Philosophy, Empirical Moral Psychology
Sydney Pursel, Visual Art - Expanded Media, Socially Engaged Art
Kendyl Siebart, Museum Studies, Challenging Museum Education
Christina Lord, French & Italian Studies

February 24, 2017: Health & Wellness
Omri Gillath, Psychology, Close Relationships and Health
Hui Cai, Architecture, Evidence-based Health Care Design
Hannah Britton, Political Science/Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Preventing Human Trafficking
Carl Lejuez, Psychology/College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Psychotherapy, Values, Depression, Trauma
Fola Agusto, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Disease Transmission and Coevolution​

February 3, 2017: Activism
Jonathan Peters, Journalism, Campus Free Speech and Student Journalism
Betsy Esch, American Studies, Universities ARE Real Life
Chuck Epp, Public Affairs & Administration, Tackling Climate Change When the President Won’t
Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Aerospace Engineering, Activism and Academic Freedom
Maria Velasco, Visual Art, Art, Activism, and Dialogical Art Processes
Clarence Lang, African and African-American Studies/American Studies, Malcolm X, Political Ideology, and the 1960s
Dave Roediger, American Studies/History

December 2, 2016: Improvisation
Brad Osborn, Music, Guitar Solos
Michelle Heffner Hayes, Dance, Body, Dance, Connections
Sherrie Tucker, American Studies, All-ability Improvisation
Nicole Hodges Persley, Theatre, Improvisation, Undercommons, Study
Jon Lamb, English

November 4, 2016: New Applications of Network Science
Kelsie Forbush, Psychology, Eating Disorders
Cynthia Siew, Psychology, Psychology, Education, and Knowledge Structures
Nichol Castro, Psychology, Multiplex of Language
Charlie Redmon, Linguistics, Acoustic Information in Speech
Mark Mort, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute & Kathy Denning, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Plant-Pollinator Biology
Mike Vitevitch, Psychology

October 14, 2016: Red Hot Graduate Research
Alex Cloyd, American Studies/Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Transnational Relations
Laura Jimenez, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute, Ecology and Statistics of Niche Modeling
Martin Koch, Geography and Atmospheric Science, Municipal Broadband
Christina Lord, French & Italian, Cyborgs in Science Fiction
Matthew Kleinmann, Architecture, Food Access Engagement
Scott McEathron, KU Libraries

September 23, 2016: Health/care
Prajna Dhar, Bioengineering, Biomolecular Engineering
Adam Smith, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
John Colombo, Life Span Institute/Psychology, Developmental Science/Nutrition
Juliana Carlson, Social Welfare, Preventing Gender Based Violence
Jason Travers, Special Education, Autism Disparities
Moderated by: Emily Ryan, The Commons

September 9, 2016: Smart Cities
Holly Goerdel, Public Affairs & Administration, Health, Housing & Social Ties
Alexandra Kondyli, Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering, Connected and Automated Vehicles
Paola Sanguinetti, Architecture, Smart Health Promotion in the Built Environment
Hyunjin Seo, Strategic Communication, Digital Inclusion
Germaine Halegoua, Film & Media Studies, Civic Engagement
Moderated by: James Sterbenz, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

April 29, 2016: Political Engagement
Joshua Miner, Film & Media Studies, Indigenous New Media
Tyler Galloway, Design, Print design and grassroots activism
Jonathan Peters, Journalism & Mass Communications, Press Relations at the Supreme Court
Laura Mielke, English, Theatre and US Abolition
Ari Linden, Germanic Languages & Literatures, Satire and Political Critique
Emcee: Jon Lamb, English

March 25, 2016: Climate
Sharon Billings, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Kansas Biological Survey, Carbon, Climate, Erosion, and the Anthropocene
Rachel McDonald, Psychology, Framing Climate Change
David Mechem, Geography and Atmospheric Science, Clouds & Climate
John Head, Law, International Law – Agriculture – Climate Change
Keith Van de Riet, Architecture, Bio-responsive Structures
Emcee: Bonnie Johnson, Urban Planning

February 19, 2016: Digital Media
Sara Gregg, History, Spatial History
Jorge Soberón, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute, Biogeography
Katie Rhine, Anthropology, Ethnography and Tumblr
Andrew Lison, Hall Center for the Humanities, The Computer as Multimedia Device
Élika Ortega, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, Literature and “New” Media
Emcee: Brian Rosenblum, Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities

January 29, 2016: Kansas
John Hachmeister, Visual Art, Populism in Kansas
Darren Canady, English, Theatre and Violence Against Transgender Women of Color
Elaina Sutley, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Disaster Mitigation and Planning
Vicki Collie-Akers, Work Group for Community Health and Development, Healthy Equity
Jim Bever, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity as Bioprotection
Emcee: Kate Meyer, Spencer Museum of Art

December 4, 2015
David Roediger, American Studies/History, The Indefensible Middle Class: A History
Eric Rath, History, Japan's Cuisines
Cecilia Menjivar, Sociology, Immigrant Women and the Law Enforcement System
Victor Agadjanian, Sociology, Immigration, Illegality, and Race in the New Russia
Chris Beard, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute, The Arab Spring Revolutions and Paleoanthropology in North Africa Biology
Emcee: Sally Utech, Hall Center for the Humanities

November 13, 2015: Place
John Younger, Classics, Reconstructing the past from archaeological evidence
Tim Hossler, Design, A Poetic Guide to Havana
Nate Brunsell, Geography and Atmospheric Science, Places impacting places across time and space
Bruce Lieberman, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute, Evolution: Life and the Stock Market
Nate Freiburger, Sociology, Places of Technologies: Green Tech from the Hinterland
Emcee: Jon Lamb, English

October 23, 2015: Food Research, Policy and Implementation
Dietrich Earnhart, Economics, Corporate Sustainability in the Food Sector
Paul Stock, Sociology/Environmental Studies Program, New and (Good?) Farmers
Helen Schnoes, Food Systems Coordinator, Douglas County, Local Food System Development
Elizabeth Stigler, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Ethnic Food Studies
Emcee: Hannah Britton, Political Science

September 18, 2015: Data Visualization
Jamie Basham, Special Education, Data & Personalized Learning
Fengjun Li, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Social Collaborative Systems and Data Analysis
Mahbub Rashid, Architecture, Geometry and the Science of Cities
Luke Huan, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Large-scale predictive analytics: methods and applications
Emcee: Jim Miller, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

August 28, 2015: Water, Energy, Climate
Rex Buchanan, Kansas Geological Survey, Seismicity and Energy Production
Dorothy Daley, Public Affairs & Administration / Environmental Studies Program, Multilevel Climate Governance & Environmental Performance
Shannon O’Lear, Geography / Environmental Studies Program, Critique of climate science
Phillip Drake, English, Representing Nature in the Echo of Disaster
Greg Ludvigson, Kansas Geological Survey, High Plains Aquifer
Emcee: Travis Weller, Institute for Policy & Social Research

April 17, 2015
Kij Johnson, English, Inclusive Re-visioning of Classics
Daniel Tapia Takaki, Physics & Astronomy, High Energy Nuclear Physics
Dawn Fallik, Journalism, Data in Journalism
Kate Meyer, Spencer Museum of Art, Seeing Farming
Stacey Swearingen White, Urban Planning, Social Equity and a Sustainable Future
Emcee: Mike Vitevitch, Psychology

March 6, 2015
Fengjun Li, Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, The Smart Grid and Privacy
Dan Reuman, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Hierarchical systems and synchrony in biology and other fields
Armin Schulz, Philosophy, The Evolution of Pscyhological Altruism
Meg Jamieson, Film & Media Studies, Collaborative Filmmaking and the Death of the Author
Joe Colistra, Architecture, Community Engagement, So what?!
Emcee: Lena Hileman, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

February 13, 2015
Daniel Coburn, Design, Broken Family Album
Magalí Rabasa, Spanish & Portuguese, Copyright/Copyleft
Erik Perrins, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Next-Generation Wireless Communications
John Kelly, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Variation, Genetics, Environment
Jane Barnette, Theatre, Staging "Blaze, Blood, and Danger”
Emcee: Jon Lamb, English

February 6, 2015
with the Spencer Museum of Art
May Tveit, Design From Retail Therapy to Product Placement
Val Stella, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Inventing
Mike Kautsch, Law, Digital Privacy Rights
Molly Zahn, Religious Studies, The Idea of Sacred Text
Perry Alexander, Electrical Engineering Computer Science, Slinging Symbols
Emcee: James Sterbenz, Electrical Engineering Computer Science

January 30, 2015
Don Haider-Markel, Political Science, Politics of Obesity
Rachel Vaughn, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Dirt & Cleanliness
Jarron Saint Onge, Sociology/KU Medical Center, Health Behavior Patterns
Thomas Prisinzano, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Abuse Medications
Joshua Rosenbloom, Economics, R&D Funding and Knowledge Production
Emcee: Casey Mesick, Spencer Museum of Art

December 5, 2014
Alexander C. Diener, Geography, Mongolia's Transport Revolution
Alfred Ho, Public Affairs & Administration, Citizen satisfaction, government performance, and media
Lou Mulligan, Law, Federal Court Authority
Steven Duval, Spencer Museum of Art, Performing Identity/Performing History
Rich Glor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity Institute, Evolution
Emcee: Travis Weller, Institute for Policy and Social Research

November 14, 2014
Byron Caminero-Santangelo, English/Environmental Studies/Kansas African Studies Center, Representing Social Crisis, Violence, and Environmental Change in Africa
Mariana Candido, History/Kansas African Studies Center, Women and Property in Africa
Virginia Harper Ho, Law, Mainstreaming Responsible Investment
Cathy Preston, Film & Media Studies, Collaborative Ethnography in Visual Culture Studies
Pam Fine, Journalism, Smartphones and News
Emcee: Sally Utech, Hall Center for the Humanities

October 17, 2014
with KU Center for Sustainability
Belinda Sturm, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, Microbial Ecology / Wastewater Treatment
Deb Adams, Social Welfare, Sustainable Asset Gaps?
Bradley Lane, Public Affairs & Administration, Electric Vehicles
Jane Zhao, Business, Social Innovation for Sustainable Transportation in China
Paul Stock, Sociology/Environmental Studies Program, Food Utopias
Emcee: Jeff Severin, Center for Sustainability

September 5, 2014
Ruth Ann Atchley, Psychology; and Paul Atchley, Psychology, Cognition and Technology
Shannon Portillo, Public Affairs & Administration, Sociolegal Justice
Clarence Lang, African and African-American Studies/American Studies, Contemporary African American Politics
Bonnie Johnson, Urban Planning, Professional Values and Ethics
Bryon Darby, Design, Mapping Placeness
Emcee: Kate Meyer, Spencer Museum of Art

April 11, 2014
Promothesh Chatterjee, Business, How Payment Mechanisms Influence Consumer Purchases
Ward Lyles, Urban Planning, Climate Change Adaptation
Steve Goddard, Spencer Museum of Art/Art History, Botany and the Arts
EcoHawks w/ Chris Depcik, Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Energy
Leigh Stearns, Geology, Greenland Glaciers & Climate Change

March 28, 2014
Dave Tell, Communication Studies, Grain Elevators & Postmodernity
Hajar Aghababa, Institute for Policy and Social Research, Early Literacy
Marc Greenberg, Germanic Languages & Literatures; Ada Emmett, KU Libraries; Town Peterson, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Open Access and Bottlenecks in Global Scholarly Communication System
Gregory Rudnick, Physics & Astronomy, The Formation & Evolution of Galaxies
Jeremy Martin, Mathematics, Network Flow Models

February 21, 2014
Shannon Criss, Architecture, Urban Acupuncture
Whitney Baker, KU Libraries, Decalcomania
Jonathan Earle, History, Political/Electoral History

January 31, 2014
Lena Hileman, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Plant Adaptation in Dynamic Environments
Caroline Chaboo, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Biodiversity Survey and Analysis
Yvonnes Chen, Journalism, Media and Health Literacy in Health Promotion
Terri Friedline, Social Welfare, Young Adults' Financial Health
Peter Welsh, Museum Studies, Institutional Resilience

November 15, 2013
Ebenezer Obadare, Sociology, Christian-Muslim Relations in Nigeria
Jacob Dorman, American Studies/History, African American Islam
Margaret Pearce, Geography, Cartography is language
Barbara Timmermann, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery from Nature
Matt Burke, Visual Art, Authorship in the Creative Realm

October 25, 2013
Cathy Joritz, Film & Media Studies, Digital Art and Animation
Jenny Gleason, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Courtship Songs
Rafe Brown, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Island Communities
Jonathan Lamb, English, English Literature and Book History

September 20, 2013
Germaine Halegoua, Film & Media Studies, Digital Media and Urban Space
Lance Rake, Design, Social Enterprise
Christine Jensen Sundstrom, Applied English Center, Interdisciplinary Research, Mentoring, and Writing
Kip Haaheim, Music, Enriching the Web Experience with Audio
David Besson, Physics & Astronomy, Astronomy without Telescopes

August 30, 2013
Michael L. Wehmeyer, Special Education / Center on Developmental Disabilities / Beach Center on Disability, Eugenics and Developmental Disabilities
Randal Jelks, American Studies, Lived Religion
Kelly Kindscher, Environmental Studies / Kansas Biological Survey, Native Plants
Stuart Day, Spanish & Portuguese, Theatre and Political Alliances
Michelle Heffner Hayes, Dance, Movement, Culture, Engagement

April 19, 2013
Sherrie Tucker, American Studies, Improvisation, Bodies and Difference
Marie Brown, History, Documenting Desire
Norman Akers, Visual Art, Border Crossing
Dennis Domer, Architecture,Design & Planning, Intergenerational Communities
Gary Minden, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Energy

March 14, 2013
Lisa Friis, Mechanical Engineering, Biomaterials to Promote Bone Healing
Mike Vitevitch, Psychology, Network Science
Nicole Hodges Persley, Theatre, Sampling and Remixing Identity
Glenn Adams, Psychology, Identity and Ignorance
Dot Nary, Research and Training Center on Independent Living, Accessibility and Social Connectedness

February 8, 2013
Brent Metz, Anthropology, Indigenous Development
Anne D Hedeman, Art History, Late Medieval Visual Translation
Yoonmi Nam, Visual Art, Still Life with Arranged Flowers
Megan Kaminski, English, Deep City: Poetics of Urban Space
Joy Ward, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Climate Change and Plants
Susan Williams, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering

November 30, 2012
James Sterbenz, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Sanjay Mishra, Business
Emily Rauscher, Sociology
Jerry Crawford, Journalism
Jessica Gerschultz, African and African-American Studies
Cima Katz, Visual Art

October 19, 2012
Gene Rankey, Geology
Joane Nagel, Sociology
James Moreno, Dance
Amanda Reichard, Research & Training Center/Independent Living
Alice Bean, Physics
Jeff Vitter, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

September 28, 2012
Kris Ercums, Spencer Museum of Art
Ludwin Molina, Psychology
Sara Gregg, History
Ben Rosenthal, Visual Art
Kirsten Jensen, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Jay T. Johnson, Geography