Mapping the (Post)Human: Yuval Harari and the Next Dominant Species

3:30pm Wednesday, October 11, 2017 The Commons
Arnab Chakraborty, English, Ramón Alvarado, Philosophy, Jennifer Abercrombie Foster, Spanish & Portuguese, Discussion Moderator: Christina Lord, French & Italian

Coffee at the CommonsAttendees should listen to Yuval Harari's conversation with Ezra Klein in preparation for this discussion.

Author of the international bestseller Sapiens (2014) and 2017 "sequel" Homo Deus, Israeli historian Yuval Harari presents arguments regarding the rise and potential fall of humanity. According to Harari, human dominance is due to widespread belief in fictions (religion, money, data). But what will the future hold as superintelligent computers evolve? What is the difference between intelligence and consciousness? Will humans evolve or become obsolete in the face of artificial intelligence? Join us for a discussion of Harari's mapping of the (post)human based on an interview between Harari and Vox's Ezra Klein.

Of interest to:
Faculty, Graduate students, Undergraduate Students
Coffee @ The Commons, The Future University