Red Hot Research No. 52: Decision, Randomness, Choice

4:00pm Friday, November 16, 2018 The Commons

Red Hot ResearchRed Hot Research is intended to bring together scholars from all disciplines, in response to the call set forth by Bold Aspirations. The format of these sessions is inspired by Pecha Kucha, which features short, slide-based talks that introduce audiences to a topic. Each installment features faculty members, speaking for six minutes each. Audience members are encouraged to connect with the speakers (and each other) during breaks. We hope that through these sessions, faculty members will have a venue for cross-disciplinary partnering and exploration.

Mazhar Arikan, Business, Airlines, Baggage Fees, Departure Delays, Passenger Behavior
Ben Eggleston, Philosophy, Risk, Uncertainty, Expected Utility
Leo Smith, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity Institute, Fish, Convergence, Evolution, Weaponry, Venom

Of interest to:
Faculty, Researchers
Faculty Event, Red Hot Research