What We Talk About When We Talk About Art in Cities

7:00pm Monday, February 20, 2012 Lawrence Public Library
with Max Grinnell

Co-sponsored by the Lawrence Public Library

Max Grinnell The question "what is art" can be simple or complex. When we think about art in cities, things get even murkier. Who is art for? Is it statues of long-gone military heroes? How does art enhance the public realm? Author and urbanologist Max Grinnell will talk about the role of public art in American cities, through illustrative materials from his travels. Through this talk, guests will see how public art shapes our understanding of urban spaces and how different public art projects can truly be exercises in community building.

Max Grinnell is a writer, traveler, and explorer who has published extensively on urban environments, most often those in Chicago and Boston. As part of his professional experience, Max has worked with the Michael Sorkin Design Studio, the Newberry Library, Frommer’s Publications, AA Publishing, the Chicago Tribune, the city of Chicago’s Cultural Affairs Department, the Worldwide University Network, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Chicago. He has designed and taught courses on urban studies, community development, geography, planning and sociology at the University of Wisconsin, Boston University, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and the University of Chicago. For more information on Max Grinnell, search his site: www.theurbanologist.com.

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