Shut Up & Write Tuesdays

9:30-11:00 am Tuesday, April 3, 2018 The Commons

Shut up and writeSupported by The College Office of Graduate Affairs and The Commons

Shut Up & Write Tuesdays is a global network for writers that offers:

  • committed, condensed time to write, and
  • built-in feedback from peers

It began as a movement for writers in San Francisco to structure their time and connect with other writers. The idea was simple: write for an hour, then grab coffee afterward to converse and build community. Academics embraced the practice, and the idea spread. Dr. Sioban O’Dwyer founded a virtual Shut Up & Write Tuesdays to provide the benefits of the traditional meetups for those who could not attend in-person.
The event has a basic structure: Two 25-minute writing blocks, separated by 5-minute breaks. Afterward, attendees are encouraged to connect via Twitter, using #suwtna. Learn more about the SUWT team; read about tips for improving writing time; and find non-academic reads to inform practice at

Of interest to:
Graduate students
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