An Experimental Provocation about the Screens We Use Every Day

7-9 pm Friday, May 13, 2011 The Commons
by the students of Motion Graphic Design 56o, advised by Jeremy Shellhorn and Shannon Criss


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The screen has an endless presence in our lives. From television screens to computer screens to movie screens, PDAs to ATMs, mobile phones to microwave ovens...there is an endless supply of electronic devices, whcih frame us, connect us, surround us, envelop us.

For many of us, our relationship with these technological windows isn't very critical. These screens allow us to do things, see things, interact with data and information, but as we use these pixels, what do the pixels do to us?

Led by Jeremy Shellhorn, assistant professor of graphic design, and Shannon Criss, associate professor of architecture, the students of MDS 560 Motion Graphic Design created a collaborative installation for the space at The Commons, for viewers to explore their relationships with screens as interface in daily life.

The installation creates a space in which visitors can reflect upon their own interactions with screens as they are confronted by many and varied forms of projected images. Viewers may consider these questions: What have humans gained in this exchange? What have they lost? What does it mean to be present and conscious amid the pervasive messaging delivered by screens?

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