Transplaced by Porosity : Installation Opening

6:00-9:00pm Friday, May 3, 2013 The Commons
with Kadim Al Asady

Kadim Al Asady

Transplaced by Porosity poster

Transplaced by Porosity is an investigation of structure and space as a differential of geometric synthesis. The study begins with the Structural Column at the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona by Antonio Gaudi as a case study and progressively expands to geometrically map the differing scales in design (body, domestic, urban, infrastructure). The four scales form a gradient spanning from density to porosity, from the architectural micro (column) to the architectural macro (solar arrays) and ultimately finding a resultant in the human inhabitation of space. The study concludes by distilling the four scales through geometric mapping, which is used to discipline the transformation of the structures to allocate for the probability of human inhabitation. Ultimately a spatial continuum is established that is in a constant state of transplacement between the most dense scale (the body) to the most porous scale (the infrastructural).

A public opening will be held 6-9pm, Friday, May 3.

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