Red Hot Research, Bonus Edition: The Future of Work

4:00-5:30pm Thursday, October 4, 2018 The Commons

The National Science Foundation is exploring fundamental discovery around a set of Big Ideas-bold, long-term research themes that will have major impact on our society. One of these Big Ideas is "The Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier" and asks the questions:

  • How will the rapid changes in science and technology impact the human experience of work?
  • How can technological development be designed to complement humans rather than replace us?
  • How does the changing world of work impact the way we educate and train?


Donna Ginther, Economics
ChangHwan Kim, Sociology 
Omri Gillath, Psychology 
Yong Zhao, Education 
Jon Brumberg, Speech-Language-Hearing and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Contact Bob Rummer,, with questions.  

For more information about the NSF Future of Work program area, visit the NSF website at: 

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