5:30-9:00pm Wednesday, October 24, 2018 Abe & Jake's Landing
Hosted by the Hall Center for the Humanities

The Hall Center for the Humanities presents a one-of-a-kind "science fair for the humanities" Halloween-themed celebration at Abe & Jakes landing in downtown Lawrence, KS. Free and open to the public. This is an all-ages event that will feature work from a wide range of KU scholars and independent scholars from all over Kansas.

Doing away with the traditional lecture format for humanities scholarship, Haunting Humanities creates a new kind of experience designed to appeal to a wide array of audiences, from young adults to senior citizens, from those with extensive humanities education and experience to those who may not fully understand what the term “humanities” even means. Visitors will be given a map of the space and invited to guide themselves through a series of innovative presentations, activities, games and performances at their own pace. Scholars will engage audiences in a variety of ways - from an “escape room” based on the 1895 real-life murder of Kansan Tom Patton to an opportunity to get made-up to look like a witch while learning about the history and symbolism of witches in western literature. The evening will culminate with a 12-minute dance performance inspired by ghostly tales from Lawrence’s past, choreographed by KU Dance Lecturer Maya Tillman-Rayton, and the chance for audience members to chat one-on-one with participating scholars about their research.

Of interest to:
All Ages
Public Event