Spotlight on Care: Food Security & Seed Starting

12:00-1:00pm CDT Monday, March 30, 2020 Online / By Phone
Supported by the IPSR Center for Compassionate and Sustainable Communities and The Commons

A discussion and workshop around local food systems and access with grower and activist Pantaleon Florez (Maseualkualli Farms), followed by an introduction to the process of seed starting. Learn about local resources for growers and community gardens.

If you would like to plant seeds during the session, the following items will be helpful to have:


For starting seeds you will want to have a seedling mix. You can also use coco coir, a premade soil mix, compressed soil pellets, or a blend. I like to use a 50/50 blend of coco coir (Black Gold Brand) and a premade mix called Happy Frog (Fox Farm Brand). 

Seedling Trays

Hard plastic seedling trays work well. You can also reuse old plug tray flats, egg cartons, solo cups, paper cups, yogurt cups, and lots of other stuff you have around the house. We will discuss pros and cons of some of these as well as how to add drainage holes. You want seedlings to have at least 2-3 inches of depth to work their roots into. 

Optional: Domes

Keeping moisture and humidity in can really help your seedlings. Some companies sell seedling kits with compressed soil pellets and readymade domes. You can also use milk jugs, 2 liter pop bottles, or anything that is transparent that will give about 3-5 inches of room above the soil level. We will also discuss pros and cons of these!


Ways to Participate

Dial in by phone:
+1 (301) 715-8592
Meeting ID: 988 409 975

Of interest to:
All Ages, Faculty, General Public, Graduate students, Researchers, Staff, Undergraduate Students
Activity, Care & Well-being