Spotlight on Care: Improving Posture for Sitting and Standing

12:00-1:00pm CDT Monday, May 4, 2020 Online / By Phone
Supported by the IPSR Center for Compassionate and Sustainable Communities and The Commons

Join us for a session to understand and improve the part of your body most affected by sitting at a desk all day -- your pelvis! Improve your seated and standing posture by learning about the bones, muscles, and proper alignment of the pelvis and by learning targeted stretches and body-rolling exercises. Led by Holly Krebs, Certified Rolfer at Kinetikos Bodywork Therapy. No equipment is required, though a chair and a foam roller or tennis balls will be helpful during demonstration.

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Of interest to:
All Ages, Faculty, General Public, Graduate students, Researchers, Staff, Undergraduate Students
Activity, Care & Well-being, Discussion