Spotlight on Care: Creating a Caring Climate in Your Life

12:00-1:00pm CDT Thursday, October 29, 2020 Online
Hosted by The Commons, the IPSR Center for Compassionate and Sustainable Communities, and the Spencer Museum of Art; with support from the Environmental Studies Program, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Center for Faculty Development and Mentoring

This session features a presentation by Mary Fry, Professor in the Department of Health, Sport, and Exercise Sciences, in the School of Education and Human Sciences. Dr Fry’s work focuses on 1) helping coaches and fitness professionals  create a caring and task-involving physical-activity environment, and 2) examining the social, psychological, and physical benefits that occur when individuals experience this climate. Participants will have a chance to consider spaces in their lives where they can employ these strategies to foster positive growth.

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Of interest to:
Faculty, Graduate students, Researchers, Staff, Undergraduate Students
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