A Seat at the Table: Selection, Assessment and Belonging in Higher Education

10am-4pm Friday, February 10, 2017 The Commons

The question of merit and how it is applied is pervasive in higher education. From the selection of students, faculty, and staff, to assessment of performance, the identification of merit is often based on widely accepted assumptions and seemingly objective measures. But is merit ever objective and universal?

This one-day symposium will gather faculty, staff, and students from disciplines across the university to open a dialogue on the interrelated concepts of merit, belonging, and inclusion. While some of the conversations may be esoteric and challenging, the focus will remain on concrete, actionable, and practical ways to improve work in support of all students at the University of Kansas.

Supported by the University Honors Program, the School of Education, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Multicultural Scholars Program, Undergraduate Studies, and The Commons

Of interest to:
Faculty, Graduate students, Staff, Undergraduate Students
Symposium, The Future University