Red Hot Graduate Research No. 12

4:00-5:30pm Friday, September 20, 2019 The Commons

Red Hot Graduate Research is intended to bring together graduate researchers from all disciplines. The format of these sessions is inspired by Red Hot Research, which features short, slide-based talks that introduce audiences to a topic. Red Hot Graduate Research features five graduate researchers speaking for six minutes each.

Audience members are encouraged to connect with the speakers (and each other) during breaks. We hope that through these sessions, graduate students will have an opportunity for cross-disciplinary discourse that will in turn give new perspectives on their work and provide a forum for future work in their chosen research fields.

Margaret Brennan, Educational Psychology, Mental Health, Fraternity, Hypermasculinity
Camille Delavaux, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Plant Distribution, Microbes
Elise Higgins, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Abortion, Subversion, Scripts
Ember Krech, Bioengineering, Piezoelectric Biomaterial, Bone Healing Implants
Melinda Townsend, Physics and Astronomy, Galaxy Evolution, Galaxy Environments, Galaxy Formation
Moderator: Max Birdnow, Educational Psychology




Of interest to:
Faculty, Graduate students, Researchers, Staff
Graduate Student Event, Red Hot Research