3:00-4:00pm Wednesday, November 13, 2019 The Commons
Supported by the Center for Compassionate and Sustainable Communities, the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, the School of Public Affairs and Administration, and The Commons

This session will serve as an introduction to using Twitter as a tool to share scholarship. It will feature opportunities to engage with the platform for people who are new to Twitter, those who want to get better at it, and those who want to use it to network and connect with fellow researchers.

The panelists are local digital media researchers and experts in using Twitter to engage with the public and the science community.

  • Hyunjin Seo, KU School of Journalism
  • Yiwen Wu, School of Public Affairs & Administration
  • Mike Krings, KU Office of Public Affairs
  • Jen Humphrey, KU Life Span Institute
  • Anne Tangeman, KU Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
  • Rene Martin, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

You will receive expert advice and workshop your own tweets to #UpYourTwitterGame.

Of interest to:
Faculty, General Public, Graduate students, Researchers, Staff, Undergraduate Students
Public Scholarship