Graduate Initiatives

The Commons offers opportunities for graduate students to become involved in the development of programs, share their research, and meet colleagues from across disciplines. As The Commons continues to explore the theme of “The Future University,” it acknowledges that the future of higher education will be led by the next generation of scholars.

Red Hot Graduate Research

Red Hot Graduate Research is intended to bring together graduate researchers from all disciplines. The format of these sessions is inspired by Red Hot Research, which features short, slide-based talks that introduce audiences to a topic. Red Hot Graduate Research features five graduate researchers speaking for six minutes each. Audience members are encouraged to connect with the speakers (and each other) during breaks. We hope that through these sessions, graduate students will have an opportunity for cross-disciplinary discourse that will in turn give new perspectives on their work and provide a forum for future work in their chosen research fields.

Graduate Student Presenter - Red Hot Research

Pedagogy, Teaching, & The Classroom

Led by Graduate Research Assistant Shelia Bonner (American Studies), this lunch series centers pedagogy is commonly identified as the approach to teaching. This event invites those who teach at all levels of the university to share ideas and methods they have used.

Pedagogy and Practice Promotional Postcard

Talking Back

Led by Graduate Research Assistant Joy Hyatt (Museum Studies) this series is led by graduate students as an extension of The Future University programming at The Commons. It explores graduate students’ role in the evolving university. In three sessions, graduate students, faculty, and staff are invited to re-imagine the structure of The Future University.
What pedagogical values and learning styles inform the future university classroom?
How does technology in digital and physical spaces interact with teaching?
Can there be free speech and political neutrality in a learning environment?

Talking Back Series Promotion

Shut Up & Write

Shut Up & Write Tuesdays is a global network for writers that offers committed, condensed time to write, and built-in feedback from peers.

The event has a basic structure: Two 25-minute writing blocks, separated by 5-minute breaks. Afterward, attendees are encouraged to connect with one another to share ideas and feedback.

Shut Up & Write Promotion