Discussion: ‘Free Speech on a University Campus’

How does the First Amendment intersect with the primary responsibilities of a public university? An upcoming event at the University of Kansas will explore how it protects student, faculty and staff, facilitates the dissemination of research and offers opportunities for activism and advocacy on campus. 

In a year when its programming has focused largely on The Future University and Framing the Dialogue, conversations have encouraged audiences to consider the value of having discussions that are challenging but necessary. “Free Speech on a University Campus” will take place at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 25, at Spooner Hall. 

A panel of outside experts will include Stefan Bradley, associate professor of history at St. Louis University; Connie Burk, executive director, the NW Network; Susan Kruth, senior program officer, legal and public advocacy, FIRE; and Frank LoMonte, executive director, Student Press Law Center.

The event will be moderated by Jeff Chasen, association vice provost of institutional compliance, and include additional support from the Office of the Chancellor, the Office of the Provost, the Department of African & African-American Studies and the Department of American Studies.

Additionally, members of the KU community will deliver responses to the discussion, and there will be time for questions from the audience, both locally and remotely, as the event will be live-streamed online. Questions submitted via Twitter should use the hashtag #CampusFreeSpeech.