Red Hot Research

Red Hot Research introduces researchers to the work of their colleagues; prompts questions within current research through the perspectives of many disciplines; and develops collaborative research teams as a result of overlapping interest & expertise.
Drs. Katie Batza (WGSS) and Nicole Reiz Present | October 18, 2019
Drs. Katie Batza (WGSS) and Nicole Reiz Present | October 18, 2019

Past Sessions

Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 64: Disability Studies

Nilou Vakil, Architecture, Visually Impaired, Learning Spaces, Sensory, Participatory Design
Jean Hall, Applied Behavioral Science / Institute for Health and Disability Policy Studies, Language, Person First, Identity First, Disability Pride
Ray Pence, American Studies, Multiple Sclerosis, Intersectionality, Episodic Disability, Comedy, Performance
Ken Fischer, Mechanical Engineering / Bioengineering, Assistive Devices, Enabling Independence, Improving Access
Evan Dean, KU Center on Developmental Disabilities, Supporting Decision Making, Self-Determination, Disability

Emcee: Dot Nary, Research and Training Center on Independent Living
Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 63: Gender & Representation

Rene Jamison, Center for Child Health and Development, KU Medical Center - Pediatrics, Gender, Autism, Disparity, Social-Emotional Health
Ever Josue Figueroa, Journalism & Mass Communications, E-sports, Sports Media, and Video Games
Marta Vicente, History / Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Transgender, Confessions, Sex, Gender, Medicine, Law
Sarah Gross, Visual Art, Visual Art, Ceramics, Sculpture
Darci Fulcher, Theatre & Dance, Consensual Creation, Embodied Performance in Film & Theatre

Emcee: Katie Rhine, African and African-American Studies / Geography & Atmospheric Science
Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 62: Rural/Urban

Joel Mendez, Public Affairs & Administration, Streetcars, Transportation Planning, Urban Policy
Abel Chikanda, Geography & Atmospheric Science / African and African-American Studies, Migration, Food Security, Global South
John Rury, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Education, Suburbs, Inequality
Wally Meyer, Business / Entrepreneurship Programs, Rural Economies, Flight from Rural America
Nathan Wood, History, Streetcars, Bicycles, Automobiles, Accidents and Acclimation

Emcee: Dave Tell, Communication Studies / Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 61: Care & Aging

Tracey LaPierre, Sociology, Caregiving, Long-Term Care, and COVID
Ashley Herda, Health, Sport, and Exercise Science, Strength Training, Resistance Exercise, Functional Aging, Body Composition
Lisa Friis, Mechanical Engineering / Bioengineering, Medical devices, Tissue healing, Electrical stimulation, Biomaterials
Joe Colistra, Architecture
Liz Langdon, Visual Arts Education, Creative Aging, Social Engagement, Intergenerational Learning

Red Hot Research Fall 2019

Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 60: Queer Research

Sarah Jen, Social Welfare, Sexual Identity Development
Kyle Velte, Law, LGBT Civil Rights, Sexual Orientation, Religious Liberty
Megan Paceley, Social Welfare, Queer/Rural Communities
Richard Godbeer, History / Hall Center for the Humanities, Gender, Sexuality, Colonial America, Religious Culture
Benjamin Rosenthal, Visual Art, Queer Prosthetics, LGBTQ, Queer Art, Art and Technology

Emcee: Nicholas Syrett, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 59: Across Borders

Maki Kaneko, Art History, Japanese American Art, Transpacific, Diaspora
Araceli Masterson-Algar, Spanish & Portuguese, 15M, Immigration, Ecuador, Madrid, Transnationalism, Housing Rights, Sumak Kawsai
Hong Tien Vu, Journalism, Climate Change, Communication, Media
Melissa Birch, Business, Exports, International Trade, Economic Development
Daniel Tapia Takaki, Physics, Binational Research, Interuniversity Alliances

Emcee: Brian Rosenblum, KU Libraries / Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities
Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 58: Loss, Adaptation, Climate

Megan Kaminski, English, Plant Thinking, Poetics, Healing, Interdependence
Gina Westergard, Visual Art, Endangered Species, Grief, Memorial, Florida Panther
Amy Hansen, Civil, Environmental, & Architectural Engineering, Wetlands, Agriculture, Nitrate, Water Quality
Bruce Lieberman, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity Institute, Natural Selection, Adaptation, Survival
Gregory Cushman, History / Environmental Studies Program, Anthropocene, Great Acceleration, Colonialism

Emcee: Kate Meyer, Spencer Museum of Art
Red Hot Research Presenter

Red Hot Research No. 57: Public Scholarship

Robert Hurst, Film & Media Studies, Immigration, Politics, Public Policy, Asylum, Rural America
Katie Batza, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Nicole Reiz, College Office of Graduate Affairs, Multigenerational Research, Community Research Partnerships, Big Ideas
Jomella Watson-Thompson, Applied Behavioral Science / Center for Service Learning, Youth and Community Violence Prevention, Participatory Research
Tera Fazzino, Psychology / Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and Treatment, Palatable Food; Food System; Obesity; Public Health
Mary Hill, Geology, Agriculture, Energy and Economics

RHR - Past Presenters

Presenter Log RHR RHGR
   Kris ErcumsSpencer Museum of Art 
   Ludwin MolinaPsychology 
   Sara GreggHistory 
   Ben RosenthalVisual Art 
   Kirsten JensenEcology & Evolutionary Biology 
   Jay JohnsonGeography 
   Gene RankeyGeology 
   Joane NagelSociology 
   James MorenoDance 
   Amanda ReichardResearch & Training Center on Independent Living 
   Alice BeanPhysics and Astronomy 
   Jeff VitterProvost 
   James SterbenzElectrical Engineering and Computer Science 
   Sanjay MishraBusiness 
   Emily RauscherSociology 
   Jerry CrawfordJournalism 
   Jessica GerschultzAfrican and African-American Studies 
   Cima KatzVisual Art 
   Brent MetzAnthropology 
   Anne D. HedemanArt History 
   Yoonmi NamVisual Art  
   Megan KaminskiEnglish 
   Joy WardEcology & Evolutionary Biology  
   Susan WilliamsChemical and Petroleum Engineering 
   Lisa FriisMechanical EngineeringBiomaterials to Promote Bone Healing
   Mike VitevitchPsychologyNetwork Science
   Nicole Hodges PersleyTheatreSampling and Remixing Identity
   Glenn AdamsPsychologyIdentity and Ignorance
   Dot NaryResearch & Training Center on Independent LivingAccessibility and Social Connectedness
   Sherrie TuckerAmerican StudiesImprovisation, Bodies, and Difference
   Marie Grace BrownHistoryDocumenting Desire
   Norman AkersVisual ArtBorder Crossing
   Dennis DomerArchitectureIntergenerational Communities
   Gary MindenElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceEnergy
   Michael L. WehmeyerSpecial Education / Center on Developmental Disabilities / Beach Center on DisabilityEugenics and Developmental Disabilities
   Randal JelksAmerican StudiesLived Religion
   Kelly KindscherEnvironmental Studies / Kansas Biological SurveyNative Plants
   Stuart DaySpanish & PortugueseTheatre and Political Alliances
   Michelle Heffner HayesDanceMovement, Culture, Engagement
   Germaine HalegouaFilm & Media StudiesDigital Media and Urban Space
   Lance RakeDesignSocial Enterprise
   Christine Jensen SundstromApplied English CenterInterdisciplinary Research, Mentoring, and Writing
   Kip HaaheimMusicEnriching the Web Experience with Audio
   David BessonPhysics and AstronomyAstronomy without Telescopes
   Cathy JoritzFilm & Media StudiesDigital Art and Animation
   Jenny GleasonEcology & Evolutionary Biology Courtship Songs
   Rafe BrownEcology & Evolutionary Biology Island Communities
   Jonathan LambEnglishEnglish Literature and Book History
   Ebenezer ObadareSociologyChristian-Muslim Relations in Nigeria
   Jacob DormanAmerican Studies / HistoryAfrican American Islam
   Margaret PearceGeographyCartography is language
   Barbara TimmermannMedicinal ChemistryDrug Discovery from Nature
   Matt BurkeVisual ArtAuthorship in the Creative Realm
   Lena HilemanEcology & Evolutionary BiologyPlant Adaptation in Dynamic Environments
   Caroline ChabooEcology & Evolutionary BiologyBiodiversity Survey and Analysis
   Yvonnes ChenJournalismMedia and Health Literacy in Health Promotion
   Terri FriedlineSocial WelfareYoung Adults' Financial Health
   Peter WelshMuseum StudiesInstitutional Resilience
   Shannon CrissArchitectureUrban Acupuncture
   Whitney BakerKU LibrariesDecalcomania
   Jonathan EarleHistoryPolitical/Electoral History
   Dave TellCommunication StudiesGrain Elevators & Postmodernity
   Hajar AghababaInstitute for Policy and Social ResearchEarly Literacy
   Marc Greenberg;
Ada Emmett;
Town Peterson
Germanic Languages & Literatures;
KU Libraries;
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Open Access and Bottlenecks in Global Scholarly Communication System
   Gregory RudnickPhysics and AstronomyThe Formation & Evolution of Galaxies
   Jeremy MartinMathematicsNetwork Flow Models
   Promothesh ChatterjeeBusinessHow Payment Mechanisms Influence Consumer Purchases
   Ward LylesUrban PlanningClimate Change Adaptation
   Steve GoddardSpencer Museum of Art / Art HistoryBotany and the Arts
   EcoHawks w/ Chris DepcikMechanical EngineeringSustainable Energy
   Leigh StearnsGeologyGreenland Glaciers & Climate Change
   Kate MeyerSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Ruth Ann Atchley;
Paul Atchley
Cognition and Technology
   Shannon PortilloPublic Affairs & AdministrationSociolegal Justice
   Clarence LangAfrican and African-American StudiesContemporary African American Politics
   Bonnie JohnsonUrban PlanningProfessional Values and Ethics
   Bryon DarbyDesignMapping Placeness
   Jeff SeverinCenter for SustainabilityEmcee
   Belinda SturmCivil, Environmental, and Architectural EngineeringMicrobial Ecology / Wastewater Treatment
   Deb AdamsSocial WelfareSustainable Asset Gaps?
   Bradley LanePublic Affairs & AdministrationElectric Vehicles
   Jane ZhaoBusinessSocial Innovation for Sustainable Transportation in China
   Paul StockSociology / Environmental Studies ProgramFood Utopias
11/14/1417Water, Energy, ClimateSally UtechHall Center for the HumanitiesEmcee
   Byron Caminero-SantangeloEnglish / Environmental Studies / Kansas African Studies CenterRepresenting Social Crisis, Violence, and Environmental Change in Africa
   Mariana CandidoHistory/Kansas African Studies CenterWomen and Property in Africa
   Virginia Harper HoLawMainstreaming Responsible Investment
   Cathy PrestonFilm & Media StudiesCollaborative Ethnography in Visual Culture Studies
   Pam FineJournalismSmartphones and News
12/5/1418 Travis WellerInstitute for Policy and Social ResearchEmcee
   Alexander C. DienerGeographyMongolia's Transport Revolution
   Alfred HoPublic Affairs & AdministrationCitizen satisfaction, government performance, and media
   Lou MulliganLawFederal Court Authority
   Steven DuvalSpencer Museum of ArtPerforming Identity/Performing History
   Rich GlorEcology & Evolutionary BiologyEvolution
1/30/1519 Casey MesickSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Don Haider-MarkelPolitical SciencePolitics of Obesity
   Rachel VaughnWomen, Gender & Sexuality StudiesDirt & Cleanliness
   Jarron Saint OngeSociology / KU Medical CenterHealth Behavior Patterns
   Thomas PrisinzanoMedicinal ChemistryDrug Abuse Medications
   Joshua RosenbloomEconomicsR&D Funding and Knowledge Production
2/6/1520 James SterbenzElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceEmcee
   May TveitDesignFrom Retail Therapy to Product Placement
   Val StellaPharmaceutical ChemistryInventing
   Mike KautschLawDigital Privacy Rights
   Molly ZahnReligious StudiesThe Idea of Sacred Text
   Perry AlexanderElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceSlinging Symbols
2/13/1521 John LambEnglishEmcee
   Daniel CoburnDesignBroken Family Album
   Magalí RabasaSpanish & PortugueseCopyright/Copyleft
   Erik PerrinsElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceNext-Generation Wireless Communications
   John KellyEcology & Evolutionary BiologyVariation, Genetics, Environment
   Jane BarnetteTheatreStaging "Blaze, Blood, and Danger”
3/6/1522 Lena HilemanEcology & Evolutionary BiologyEmcee
   Fengjun LiElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceThe Smart Grid and Privacy
   Dan ReumanEcology & Evolutionary BiologyHierarchical systems and synchrony in biology and other fields
   Armin SchulzPhilosophyThe Evolution of Pscyhological Altruism
   Meg JamiesonFilm & Media StudiesCollaborative Filmmaking and the Death of the Author
   Joe ColistraArchitectureCommunity Engagement, So what?!
4/17/1523 Mike VitevitchPsychologyEmcee
   Kij JohnsonEnglishInclusive Re-visioning of Classics
   Daniel Tapia TakakiPhysics and AstronomyHigh Energy Nuclear Physics
   Dawn FallikJournalismData in Journalism
   Kate MeyerSpencer Museum of ArtSeeing Farming
   Stacey Swearingen WhiteUrban PlanningSocial Equity and a Sustainable Future
8/24/1524Water, Energy, Climate   
   Travis WellerInstitute for Policy & Social ResearchEmcee
   Rex BuchananKansas Geological SurveySeismicity and Energy Production
   Dorothy DaleyPublic Affairs & Administration / Environmental Studies ProgramMultilevel Climate Governance & Environmental Performance
   Shannon O’LearGeography / Environmental Studies ProgramCritique of climate science
   Phillip DrakeEnglishRepresenting Nature in the Echo of Disaster
   Greg LudvigsonKansas Geological SurveyHigh Plains Aquifer
9/18/1525Data Visualization   
   Jim MillerElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceEmcee
   Jamie BashamSpecial EducationData & Personalized Learning
   Fengjun LiElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceSocial Collaborative Systems and Data Analysis
   Mahbub RashidArchitectureGeometry and the Science of Cities
   Luke HuanElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceLarge-scale predictive analytics: methods and applications
   Doug WalkerGeologyHigh Plains Aquifer
10/23/1526Food Research, Policy, and Implementation   
   Hannah BrittonPolitical ScienceEmcee
   Dietrich EarnhartEconomicsCorporate Sustainability in the Food Sector
   Paul StockSociology / Environmental Studies ProgramNew and (Good?) Farmers
   Helen SchnoesFood Systems Coordinator, Douglas CountyLocal Food System Development
   Elizabeth StiglerWomen, Gender, & Sexuality StudiesEthnic Food Studies
   Eric RathHistoryJapan’s Cuisines
   John LambEnglishEmcee
   John YoungerClassicsReconstructing the past from archaeological evidence
   Tim HosslerDesignA Poetic Guide to Havana
   Nate BrunsellGeography & Atmospheric SciencePlaces impacting places across time and space
   Bruce LiebermanEcology & Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity InstituteEvolution: Life and the Stock Market
   Nate FreiburgerSociologyPlaces of Technologies: Green Tech from the Hinterland
12/4/1528 Sally UtechHall Center for the HumanitiesEmcee
   David RoedigerAmerican Studies / HistoryThe Indefensible Middle Class: A History
   Eric RathHistoryJapan's Cuisines
   Cecilia MenjivarSociologyImmigrant Women and the Law Enforcement System
   Victor AgadjanianSociologyImmigration, Illegality, and Race in the New Russia
   Chris BeardEcology & Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity InstituteThe Arab Spring Revolutions and Paleoanthropology in North Africa Biology
1/29/1629KansasKate MeyerSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   John HachmeisterVisual ArtPopulism in Kansas
   Darren CanadyEnglishTheatre and Violence Against Transgender Women of Color
   Elaina SutleyCivil, Environmental, and Architectural EngineeringDisaster Mitigation and Planning
   Vicki Collie-AkersWork Group for Community Health and DevelopmentHealthy Equity
   Jim BeverEcology & Evolutionary BiologyBiodiversity as Bioprotection
2/19/1630Digital MediaBrian RosenblumInstitute for Digital Research in the HumanitiesEmcee
   Sara GreggHistorySpatial History
   Jorge SoberónEcology & Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity InstituteBiogeography
   Katie RhineAnthropologyEthnography and Tumblr
   Andrew LisonHall Center for the HumanitiesThe Computer as Multimedia Device
   Élika OrtegaInstitute for Digital Research in the HumanitiesLiterature and “New” Media
3/25/1631ClimateBonnie JohnsonUrban PlanningEmcee
   Sharon Billings Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Kansas Biological SurveyCarbon, Climate, Erosion, and the Anthropocene
   Rachel McDonaldPsychologyFraming Climate Change
   David MechemGeography & Atmospheric ScienceClouds & Climate
   John HeadLawInternational Law – Agriculture – Climate Change
   Keith Van de RietArchitectureBio-responsive Structures
4/29/1632Political EngagementJon LambEnglishEmcee
   Joshua MinerFilm & Media StudiesIndigenous New Media
   Tyler GallowayDesignPrint design and grassroots activism
   Jonathan PetersJournalism and Mass CommunicationsPress Relations at the Supreme Court
   Laura MielkeEnglishTheatre and US Abolition
   Ari Linden Germanic Languages & LiteraturesSatire and Political Critique
9/9/1633Smart CitiesJames SterbenzElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceEmcee
   Holly GoerdelPublic Affairs & AdministrationHealth, Housing & Social Ties
   Alexandra KondyliCivil, Environmental, and Architectural EngineeringConnected and Automated Vehicles
   Paola SanguinettiArchitectureSmart Health Promotion in the Built Environment
   Hyunjin SeoStrategic CommunicationDigital Inclusion
   Germaine HalegouaFilm & Media StudiesCivic Engagement
9/23/1634Health/CareEmily RyanThe CommonsEmcee
   Prajna DharBioengineeringBiomolecular Engineering
   Adam SmithPharmacology & ToxicologyBehavioral Neuroendocrinology
   John ColomboLife Span Institute / PsychologyDevelopmental Science/Nutrition
   Juliana CarlsonSocial WelfarePreventing Gender Based Violence
   Jason TraversSpecial EducationAutism Disparities
11/4/1635New Applications of Network Science Mike VitevitchPsychologyEmcee
   Kelsie ForbushPsychologyEating Disorders
   Cynthia SiewPsychologyPsychology, Education, and Knowledge Structures
   Nichol CastroPsychologyMultiplex of Language
   Charlie RedmonLinguisticsAcoustic Information in Speech
   Mark Mort
Kathy Denning
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity Institute
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Plant-Pollinator Biology
12/2/1636ImprovisationJon LambEnglishEmcee
   Brad OsbornMusicGuitar Solos
   Sherrie TuckerAmerican StudiesAll-ability Improvisation
   Michelle Heffner HayesDanceBody, Dance, Connections
   Nicole Hodges PersleyTheatreImprovisation, Undercommons, Study
   Ron Barrett-GonzalezAerospace EngineeringWorld's Fastest Quadcopter
2/3/1737ActivismDave RoedigerAmerican Studies / HistoryEmcee
   Jonathan PetersJournalismCampus Free Speech and Student Journalism
   Betsy EschAmerican StudiesUniversities ARE Real Life
   Chuck EppPublic Affairs & AdministrationTackling Climate Change When the President Won’t
   Ron Barrett-GonzalezAerospace EngineeringActivism and Academic Freedom
   Maria VelascoVisual ArtArt, Activism, and Dialogical Art Processes
   Clarence LangAfrican and African-American Studies / American StudiesMalcolm X, Political Ideology, and the 1960s
2/24/1738Health & Wellness   
   Omri GillathPsychologyClose Relationships and Health
   Hui CaiArchitectureEvidence-based Health Care Design
   Hannah BrittonPolitical Science / Women, Gender, & Sexuality StudiesPreventing Human Trafficking
   Carl LejuezPsychology / College of Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychotherapy, Values, Depression, Trauma
   Fola AgustoEcology & Evolutionary Biology Disease Transmission and Coevolution​
3/31/1739Environment & FutureKate MeyerSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Michael KruegerVisual ArtPicturing the Land, Recent Paintings and Drawings
   Bradley LanePublic Affairs & AdministrationSmart, Connected, Shared Mobility
   Mike SinclairDesignThe Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and the Thrills of Common Ground
   James BlakemoreChemistrySustainability Enabled by New Chemistry
   Ali BroxEnvironmental Studies ProgramClimate Change, Magical Realism, Representation, Environmental Justice
4/21/1740The Future UniversityJon LambEnglishEmcee
   Joo Ok KimAmerican StudiesClassified
   Joey OrrSpencer Museum of ArtPost-Studio to Public Practice
   Michael CompitelloMusicTheatrical Percussion, Music Performance
   Doug WardJournalism / Center for Teaching ExcellenceFuture of Teaching, Documenting Teaching, Future of Higher Education
   Amber RowlandCenter for Research on LearningDeveloping Good Citizens through Gaming, Social Media and Virtual Reality
9/8/1741Adaptation & DecisionKate MeyerSpecner Museum of ArtEmcee
   Chris CrandallPsychologyFarmers, Decision-making, Forecasting, Socialpsychology
   Yvonnes ChenJournalismCognitive Neuroscience
   Kim KimminauFamily MedicinePatient Engagement, Team Science, Researcher Privilege
   Town PetersonEcology & Evolutionary BiologyBiodiversity and Rephotography
   Dietrich EarnhartEconomicsEnvironmental Protection, Inspections, Compliance, Tournament
9/29/1742Ecologies & LandJoey OrrSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Dan HirmasGeography & Atmospheric ScienceClimate Change, Soil Hydrology, Critical Zone science
   Bob HagenEnvironmental Studies / Kansas Biological SurveyOutdoor Campus Classroom and Laboratory
   Sara GreggHistory / Environmental StudiesNarrating Landscape, Great Plains Ecology, Keystone Species
   Sharon Billings Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Kansas Biological SurveyRoots, Microbes, and The Anthropocene
   Jay Johnson
Soren Larsen
Geography & Atmospheric Science
Geography (U. of Missouri)
Wakarusa Wetlands, Agency of Place, Co-existence
10/27/1743Aging & Aging PopulationsTamara BakerPsychologyEmcee
   Terry KoenigSocial WelfareHoarding, Older Adults, Nonvoluntary Clients, Political Approach
   David EkerdtSociologySociology, Possessions, Life Course, Identity
   Darlingtina AtakereSocial Psychology / GerontologyElder Care, Eurocentric Modernism, Relationality
   Hui CaiArchitectureSenior Housing, Cross-Cultural, Cross-Generational
   Kristi WilliamsNursingSupporting Caregivers with Technology
12/1/1744Community Interaction & CollaborationJon LambEnglishEmcee
   Ben SikesEcology & Evolutionary Biology / Kansas Biological SurveyPerennial Agriculture, Microbiomes
   Richard BarohnNeurologyPain from Nerve Damage: Neuropathy, Comparative Effectiveness Research
   Jane ZhaoBusinessSocial Media
   Ann RyanMonarch WatchConservation, Education, Building Capacity
2/9/1845Representation/ParticipationEmily RyanThe CommonsEmcee
   Genelle BelmasJournalismFirst Amendment, Free Speech, American Flag
   Tanya HartmanVisual ArtRefugee, Fluency, Empathy, Courage
   Dave TellCommunication StudiesRace, Commemoration, and
the Digital Humanities
   Kimber RichterPreventative Medicine & Public HealthHealth Care Policy, Behavior Economics, Defaults and Consumer Behavior
   Maria OriveEcology & Evolutionary BiologyEnvironmental Change, Clonal Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction, Evolution and Extinction
3/2/1846People, Land, PowerJon LambEnglishEmcee
   Norman AkerVisual ArtBorders, Maps, Sovereignty
   Janice CollinsJournalismEmpowerment, Demarginalization,
Critical Pedagogy, Storytelling
   Dennis O'RourkeAnthropologyAncient DNA, Refugia, Last Glacial Maximum, American Dispersal
   Helen AlexanderEcology & Evolutionary BiologyRare Plants, Conservation,
Vegetation Change
4/6/1847Fear & ResponseSarah BishopSarah BishopEmcee
   Stacey VanderhurstWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesHuman Trafficking, Migration, Empowerment
   Paula FiteClinical Child Psychology ProgramAggression and Translational Research
   Craig McLaughlinAerospace EngineeringSpace Surveillance and Satellite Drag
   Shawn AlexanderAfrican and African-American StudiesKlan Violence and the Black Community’s Response
   Ward LylesUrban PlanningCompassion, Networks, Climate Change,
and Natural Hazards
4/27/1848Science & FictionJoey OrrSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Ben MerrimanPublic Affairs & AdministrationFiction, Science Fiction, and Social Theory
   Alison Olcott MarshallGeologyChemistry, Astrobiology, Paleontology, Life
   Oscar SanisidroBiodiversity InstituteFossil Reconstruction, Compared Anatomy,
Shape Study
   Jude KastensKansas Biological SurveyTerrestrial Eco-rhythms in the Anthropocene
   Brandon DeKoskyChemical Engineering / Pharmaceutical ChemistryFossil Reconstruction, Compared Anatomy,
Shape Study
8/31/1849Human, NextJon LambEnglishEmcee
   Joanna SluskyMolecular BiosciencesAntibiotic Resistance, Bacterial Evolution
   Suzanne ShontzElectrical Engineering and Computer Science / BioengineeringComputer-Assisted Medical Interventions, Medical Implants
   Paul OutkaEnglishScientific Racism
   John BielenbergDesignThinking Wrong, Radical Innovation, and Business as Unusual
   Jeffrey HallCommunication StudiesMobile Media, Social Media, and Human Relationships
9/21/1850ActivismEmily RyanThe CommonsEmcee
   Katie BatzaWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesHealth, AIDS, Politics
   Jean HallInstitute for Health and Disability Policy Studies / Applied Behavioral ScienceAffordable Care Act, Medicaid Expansion
   David FarberHistoryDemocratic Practice, Social Change
   Joshua MinerFilm & Media StudiesIndigenous Activism, Game-based Media, Digital Aesthetics
10/4/18BonusThe Future of Work   
   Donna GintherEconomics 
   ChangHwan KimSociology 
   Omri GillathPsychology 
   Yong ZhaoEducation 
   Jon BrumbergSpeech-Language-Hearing / Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
10/26/1851Humans, Environment, Natural ResourcesKate MeyerSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Brian AtkinsonBiodiversity InstituteCretaceous, flowering plants, fossils, fruits, (sub)tropical ecosystems 
   Keith Van de RietArchitectureBiomimicry, Camouflage, Behavioral Patterns, Regenerative Design
   David FowleGeology / Environmental Studies ProgramEnergy, Mining, Batteries, Recycling
   Matt BurkeVisual Art / Environmental Studies ProgramPerennial Thinking, Sculpture, Ecological Art, Ecosphere
11/16/1852Decision, Randomness, ChoiceEmily RyanThe CommonsEmcee
   Terry SooMathematicsInterpretation in Law
   Leo SmithEcology & Evolutionary Biology / Biodiversity InstituteFish, Convergence, Evolution, Weaponry, Venom
   Ben EgglestonPhilosophyRisk, Uncertainty, Expected Utility
   Mazhar ArikanBusinessAirlines, Baggage Fees, Departure Delays, Passenger Behavior
3/22/1954Research & PolicyCelka StraughnSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Alcides VelasquezCommunication StudiesSocial media, Political communication, Latinos, Political participation
   Tim PleskacPsychology / Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and TreatmentDecision to Shoot, Police, Race Bias
   Alice BeanPhysics and AstronomyU.S. Department of State, Opportunities for Work in Science and Policy
   David BraatenGeography & Atmospheric Science / Center for Remote Sensing of Ice SheetsClimate Change
4/12/1953Ethics (Rescheduled from February 15)Emily RyanThe CommonsEmcee
   Elizabeth Kronk WarnerLawClimate Change Adaptation, Indigenous Ecological Knowledge 
   Jennifer RaffAnthropologyAncient DNA and Ancestors of Indigenous Americans
   Imani WadudAmerican StudiesCo-creation, Oral History, Gender, Race
   Nikki NollenPreventative Medicine & Public HealthTobacco Cessation
   Sara WilsonMechanical Engineering / BioengineeringResearch Ethics and the National Academies Report
4/19/1955Knowledge Access & ProductionStacey VanderhurstWomen Gender, and Sexuality StudiesEmcee
   Brian MossKU LibrariesEducational Technology, Developing Countries
   Emily RileyKansas African Studies CenterMoral Philosophy, Wolof, Senegal, Language
   Karrie ShogrenCenter on Developmental Disabilities / Special EducationDisability, Self-determination, Participatory research
   Kris KrishtalkaBiodiversity Institute / Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyQuantum worlds;  Biological Dark Matter
   Joey OrrSpencer Museum of Art / Visual ArtArtistic Research; Arts Integration
9/6/1956Care & Well - BeingDave TellCommunication StudiesEmcee
   Hannah ParkDesign/Center for Design ResearchMobile Outreach, Mental Health, Mental Wellness, College Mental Health
   Michael RiquinoSocial WelfareSelf-harm, Youth, Mindfulness, Mental Health
   Elaina SutleyCivil, Environmental and Architectural EngineeringDisasters, Recovery,Vulnerability, Social Equity
   Jason RaibleyPhilosophyWell-being, Happiness, Autonomy, Agency
   Steve IlardiPsychologyDepression, Treatment, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Connection
10/18/1957Public Scholarship Tamara FalicovFilm & Media Studies/Center of Latin American and Caribbean StudiesEmcee
   Robert HurstFilm & Media StudiesImmigration, Politics, Public Policy, Asylum, Rural America
   Katie Batza // Nicole ReizWomen, Gender, and Sexuality Studies // College Office of Graduate AffairsMultigenerational Research, Community Research Partnerships, Big Ideas
   Jomella Watson - ThompsonApplied Behavioral Science/Center for Service LearningYouth and Community Violence Prevention, Participatory Research
   Tera FazzinoPsychology/Cofrin Logan Center for Addiction Research and TreatmentPalatable Food; Food System; Obesity; Public Health
   Mary HillGeologyAgriculture, Energy, and Economics
11/15/1958Loss, Adaptation, ClimateKate MeyerSpencer Museum of ArtEmcee
   Megan KaminskiEnglishPlant Thinking, Poetics, Healing, Interdependence
   Gina WestergardVisual ArtEndangered Species, Grief, Memorial, Florida Panther
   Amy HansenCivil, Environmental, & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity InstituteWetlands, Agriculture, Nitrate, Water Quality
   Bruce LiebermanEcology & Evolutionary Biology/Biodiversity InstituteNatural Selection, Adaptation, Survival
   Gregory CushmanHistory/Environmental Studies ProgramAnthropocene, Great Acceleration, Colonialism
12/6/1959Across BordersBrian RosenblumKU LibrariesEmcee
   Maki KanekoArt HistoryJapanese American Art, Transpacific, Diaspora
   Araceli Masterson - AlgarSpanish & Portugese15M, Immigration, Ecuador, Madrid, Transnationalism, Housing Rights, Sumak Kawsai
   Hong Tien VuJournalismClimate Change, Communication, Media
   Melissa BirchBusinessExports, International Trade, Economic Development
   Daniel Tapia TakakiPhysicsBinational Research, Interuniversity Alliances
2/7/2060Queer ResearchNicholas SyrettWomen, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesEmcee
   Sarah JenSocial WelfareSexual Identity Development
   Kyle VelteLawLGBT Civil Rights, Sexual Orientation, Religious Liberty
   Megan PaceleySocial WelfareQueer/Rural Communities
   Richard GodbeerHall Center for the Huamanities / HistoryGender, Sexuality, Colonial America, Religious Culture
   Benjamin RosenthalVisual ArtQueer Prosthetics, LGBTQ, Queer Art, Art and Technology
9/18/2061Care & AgingEmily RyanThe CommonsEmcee
   Tracey LaPierreSociologyCaregiving, Long-Term Care, and COVID
   Ashley HerdaHealth, Sport, and Exercise ScienceStrength Training, Resistance Exercise, Functional Aging, Body Composition
   Lisa FriisMechanical Engineering / BioengineeringMedical devices, Tissue healing, Electrical stimulation, Biomaterials
   Joe ColistraArchitecture 
   Liz LangdonVisual Arts EducationCreative Aging, Social Engagement, Intergenerational Learning
10/9/2062Rural / UrbanDave TellCommunication Studies / Institute for Digital Research in the HumanitiesEmcee
   Joel Mendez Public Affairs & AdministrationStreetcars, Transportation Planning, Urban Policy
   Abel ChikandaGeography & Atmospheric Science / African and African-American StudiesMigration, Food Security, Global South
   John RuryEducational Leadership & Policy StudiesEducation, Suburbs, Inequality
   Wally MeyerBusiness / Entrepreneurship ProgramsRural Economies, Flight from Rural America
   Nathan WoodHistoryStreetcars, Bicycles, Automobiles, Accidents and Acclimation
10/23/2063Gender & RepresentationKatie RhineGeography & Atmospheric Science / African and African-American StudiesEmcee
   Rene JamisonCenter for Child Health and Development, KU Medical Center - PediatricsGender, Autism, Disparity, Social-Emotional Health
   Ever Josue FigueroaJournalism & Mass CommunicationsE-sports, Sports Media, and Video Games
   Marta VicenteHistory / Women, Gender, and Sexuality StudiesTransgender, Confessions, Sex, Gender, Medicine, Law
   Sarah Gross  Visual ArtCeramics, Sculpture
   Darci FulcherTheatre & DanceConsensual Creation, Embodied Performance in Film & Theatre
10/28/2064Disability StudiesDot NaryResearch and Training Center on Independent Living
   Nilou Vakil ArchitectureVisually Impaired, Learning Spaces, Sensory, Participatory Design
   Jean Hall Applied Behavioral Science / Institute for Health and Disability Policy StudiesLanguage, Person First, Identity First, Disability Pride
   Ray PenceAmerican StudiesMultiple Sclerosis, Intersectionality, Episodic Disability, Comedy, Performance
   Ken FischerMechanical Engineering / BioengineeringAssistive Devices, Enabling Independence, Improving Access
   Evan Dean KU Center on Developmental DisabilitiesSupporting Decision Making, Self-Determination, Disability
3/5/2165Blockchain - Opportunities & ApplicationsClint HurshmanPhilosophy / Spencer Museum of Art 
   Edmond CheungBusiness Analytics / KU Blockchain InstituteTechnology, Research, Student Organization, Introduction to Blockchain, Education, Student Involvement
   Rhett PhillipsMechanical Engineering / KU Blockchain Institute/SELF FellowBlockchain in Decentralized Energy
   Syed AbumusabPhilosophyBlockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial industry, Fiat currencies
   Fernando Machado-StredelEcology & Evolutionary Biology / KU Biodiversity InstituteBiodiversity Informatics, Museums, Scientific Collections, Taxonomy
   Kati BallentineBusiness Marketing / French & Italian Studies / KU Blockchain InstituteUse Cases with Blockchain, Supply Chain Uses, Voting, Marketing