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  • Associate Professor in English

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3031 Wescoe Hall


Megan Kaminski (she/they) is a poet, essayist, and Associate Professor in English. Her writing, research, and teaching focus on connecting to our shared ecosystem as a source of knowledge for strategies to live in the world, to grieve and heal after loss, and to re-align thinking towards kinship, community, and sustainability. She specializes in poetry and poetics, plant studies, queer ecology, somatics, eco-arts practices, and the environmental humanities. Her work is informed by interdisciplinary research in social welfare, evolutionary biology, and philosophy, as well as previous work in the healing arts and at environmental non-profits.

She is the author of three books of poetry, Gentlewomen (2020), Deep City (2015) and Desiring Map (2012). Prairie Divination, her forthcoming illustrated collection of essays + oracle deck (with artist L. Ann Wheeler), turns to the plants, animals, and geological features of the prairie ecosystem as guides for living in good relation to each other—and to re-aligning towards kinship, community, and interdependence.