Care & Well-being

The pressures and expectations that confront humans are constantly changing, and can become all-consuming. Amid efforts to be fully present, show up for others, and integrate professional and personal, how do we devote time and intention to care for ourselves, both in community and as individuals? Through programs associated with Care and Well-being, The Commons and collaborative partners will explore the ways in which we can better understand the practice and components of care and well-being.

Spotlight on Care

News Release: Author-Illustrator Jonny Sun will Give Kenneth Spencer Lecture

September 16, 2020 Red Hot Research Features Care & Aging

Spotlight on Care, Digital

Within this theme, we explore:

How do communities make space for individual care?
How does research on care connect to practice?
Can stigmas associated with stress be overcome? And associations with selfcare be reimagined?
Who has access to services and institutions that provide opportunities for care?
What is the relationship between social justice and care?
How are the concepts of health and well-being the same/different?
What does care look like beyond systems of Healthcare?
How do the expectations in higher education compare to those in other realms?
How is the university a fertile ground for addressing these ideas?